Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Plane Truth

The Plane Truth - I still don't like flying!

After 11 flights this month (but who's counting?) I came to one non startling conclusion. I still don't like flying! Never did, still don't, even 25 years after becoming a professional speaker aka professional flyer.
The Plane Truth | Mikki Williams

Herein lies the lesson...when the joy is greater than the fear, we manage to get through it. Or simply put, when the reward is greater than the risk, albeit, a perception, that is the big duh of the century. I think it's a simple yet profound aha that applies to many areas of our lives if we want to be truthful about it. Yes, I know, we don't always want to be but that's the reality of it, the metaphor of life. If I may quote myself as you know I often love to do, lol..."life is about the choices we make, not the chances we take that truly determines the quality of our lives".

Now go fly a kite, I mean a plane!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Apple a Day...

Once you go Mac, you never go back...

I love Apple, no not the fruit (well, that too:-) the company. As they say, once a Mac you never go back. I just don't understand why the whole world doesn't use Mac? Yes, I have the desktop, the laptop, the Iphone and now, ta da...the IPad. But it's not just the ease and creativity and fun of the products it's the culture that just wows me.

C'mon you PC puppets, go into an Apple Store, feel the energy, enjoy the support, dazzle yourself with the products and people. Haven't seen any PC stores with 1-1 support, genius bars, classes, oh puhleeze, why isn't the world using Apple products? I'm crazy for companies with culture like Apple, like Zappos, like Facebook. My 1-1 trainer has an apple tattooed on his wrist. Not since Harley fanatics have I seen that. In fact, I may have to run out now and buy some apple earrings...sequin of course:-) Make it an outrageous week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Psychic Rewards of Speaking

The benefits of professional speaking There are so many benefits to what I do, here is one

There are so many rewards for what I do, I can't even count them, and I'm so grateful and humbled to have had the success that I've had. But the very best reward for me is touching people and making a difference in their lives. Recently, right before my National Speakers Association Convention, I received this email from a woman I met ten years ago in New Zealand and it brought a tear to my eye. You'll see why...

Hi Mikki - you most likely won't remember me - but when I see you next week in Anaheim, I'm going to want to at least say hi, shake your hand, and if allowed, give you a hug of THANKS! I met you about 10 years ago in Hamilton NZ where you spoke about when you were a young widow with a baby - you shared your story so beautifully (finally - someone who knew what it was like!). You gave me hope about getting through my own nightmare of being a 34 year old widow with young baby, etc. Then you pointed me in the right direction about registering with Coach U - I did that and graduated nearly 3 years later - you also somehow connected me up with Susan Roane who was here the following year and started me on the way to joining the NSA, being 'Fripped' for the first time, and then becoming a speaker and author.... now - look at me, I'm the Chief Editor of the GSF, past national president of NSANZ, successful author, publisher, coach and creative director for numerous other speakers around the world, and... it all really did start back with you. So - when I checked the attendance list just now, I noticed your name and said 'Yay'... and wanted to give you a quick heads up that I'm really looking forward to meeting you again after such an incredible journey since last time. Cheers,
Maria Carlton
Chief Editor - Global Speakers Federation
Advancing the professional speaking community worldwide

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Come attend DOSE with us

I know, I know, corny play on words but hey... I'm talking about DOSE the fabulous food and fashion market created, conceived and put on once a month at the River Arts Center in Chicago by my coaching client, April Francis, visionary extraordinaire. Sam and I had some pie pops, lemon ginger to be exact, some nice cream, chocolate basil to be exact, yes it is a fun entreprenurial adventure, next one Sept. 25th, be there or be square, not in the 'hood, fly in:-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back and Forth and Back and Forth...

The Rocky Gap Resort The Rocky Gap Resort - Worth the Stay!

So, I was in Baltimore on Monday for a speaking engagement, then went to Atlanta, then back to Baltimore...great planning, right? But the Rocky Gap Resort was worth it. Check it out.