Sunday, November 8, 2009

City Lights

I couldn't help grabbing the camera to capture this sunset from my condo balcony. I find myself appreciating nature more as well as more simple things like what Barbara D'Angelis'book "Real Moments" focuses on. Is it a real moment when you get an award at work or is it a real moment when you hug your child? Is it a real moment when you buy a new car or is it a real moment when you pet your dog? Goes to my favorite quote and my email signature, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,...but by the moments that take our breath away". Now go create some real moments!

Glamour on the Road?

Life on the road is not all that glamourous as one would think. I just checked into Stone Mountain Inn in Georgia. Yes, lots of history but lots of mustiness in this 50 year old hotel that they consider refurbished. Oh yes and that room service that I love so much so I can chill in my room before the big speech in the morn', well sorry folks there is only the buffet that you have to go to for food. Still every day above ground is a good day so here's to your grits and biscuits smothered in gravy, yowsa...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Now if you don't know that term, you have been hiding under a rock. A BFF is a best friend forever:-) Maybe it's because I am an only child that I have valued all my friendships so very much. Other than my son who walks on water, my friends have always been my family. They have been there with me in the proverbial sickness, health, good times and bad. I feel people who do not nurture their friendships miss out on a major source of joy in their lives. I recently read that "friendship is a kind of behavioral vaccine that can inoculate us against illness". There is growing scientific evidence that extensive social networks can make us susceptible to the ravages of old age and to many common illnesses. So get on out there and make some friends, reconnect with past ones and cherish your BFF.