Sunday, September 27, 2009


Do you have any? In one of my favorite books, Happier, this is a question that the author poses. I truly believe as he does that rituals add to our happiness factor. So take a step back and a 360 view of your life and figure out if you have them, what are they, do they add to the quality of your life and how can you create new ones.


I missed last Sunday, mea culpa! It's been a whirlwind. This weekend, my best friend, Sherry from Seattle came in for her repeat session of my Speakers School, two days of 8 hour training, from there we went straight to Lake Geneva, WI for me to give a speech, got up at 5am the next day to go to Sandwich, IL to become certified Zumba instructors ( and right from there back to downtown Chicago to see Barishnikov dance. Whew! Do you forgive me now? Is there a moral to this story? When does society decide that age is the dictator of lifestyle, of energy, of trying new things, of taking risks, of continual learning. For this 'bout you?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quotation 9 from Mikki Mouth

If you'd like a copy of my quotation book, Mikki Mouth, click here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weather and Winnipeg

Yes, yes, the glorious weather we've had in Chicago all week, it was the summer we should have had. What has weather got to do with work life balance you might ask? It made me stop and smell the proverbial roses...time to truly enjoy nature as I sat in the park with my dog, Brat in his li'l red wagon (he can't walk anymore), read a book, watched kids at play, people walking their dogs, sunbathers, bikers, joggers, skaters and just was as the Buddhists say, "in the moment...fully present...fully alive." Try it, you might like it:-)

As for Winnipeg, I spoke to a group that came to Chicago this Friday and being with all these wonderful couples on their retreat only solidified the value of relationships, any kind of relationship and how important they are in balancing our lives. People need people...right, Barbra?

A Mother's Smile

If you are reading my blog tonight, then please do me a favor...

I nominated my one of my closest friends, Sherry LeBed Davis for this Amex Shine a Light competition. Unfortunately the voting ends tonight, we need 50 votes to put her into the judging for three finalists which starts tomorrow. PLEASE if you are reading this tonight, go to this link and vote for my friend, Sherry who I nominated, she has an amazing small business that could so use the prize money and marketing support. It should take you right to her page, if it doesn't for some reason, her company is Healthy-Steps and the article I wrote is A Mother's Smile.

Thanks so much for doing this for me (and Sherry) on such short notice.

Here's the story just in case you miss tonight's deadline;

Sherry’s desire to bring a smile back to her Mother’s face spawned a program and business that now brings smiles to the faces of thousands of participants around the country. Sherry Lebed Davis defines the word inspiration. She “shines a light” on the lives of so many. A woman who decided to use the challenges life presented her with to help others rather than to be the victim, she is the epitome of what your contest represents and would use the grant and support to spread enormous hope and education to the masses. In 1980, Sherry Lebed Davis’ mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Although she was treated successfully, Sherry’s mother’s recovery hit some bad spots, both emotionally and physically. Sherry, a professional dancer, and her two brothers, both physicians, developed a therapeutic program for their mother based on movement and music. Sherry’s mother was soon smiling again and her physical recovery picked up. In 1996 Sherry developed Breast Cancer and utilized the program they had developed for her mother to aid in her own recovery. She began teaching this program, the Lebed Method, at the local hospitals in the Seattle area. This was the beginning of a small business, now known as Healthy-Steps, that conducts trainings for instructors across the country and internationally. The instructors, once trained, return to their communities and hold classes to aid in the recovery and improve the quality of life for thousands of individuals, from the elderly, to those living with Lymphedema and all types of cancer and now many other chronic illnesses. Sherry also developed a program for children, Creative Rhythms, to bring joy and movement to children undergoing various treatments. Besides conducting instructor trainings, Healthy-Steps also offers books and DVDs for sale to those who may not have access to a class, and Sherry makes presentations around the country. With three medical studies attesting to its’ efficacy, Healthy Steps is rapidly being integrated into the therapy options at many hospitals. Sherry wrote a book, Thriving After Breast Cancer, she was featured in People Magazine, appeared on the Today Show and has been the focus of media due to her amazing inspirational life story. From the desire to bring a smile back to the face of her mother, Sherry’s program now brings smiles, recovery, and improved quality of life to thousands. The Healthy-Steps therapeutic exercise program, based on medicine, movement, and music is helping to heal bodies, minds, and spirits.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Clipping Queen

The Clipping Queen | Mikki Williams Blah Blah Blog I clip and, not nails...magazines. That doesn't make me a bad person just someone who early in life found a strange hobby that makes me exhale. Yes, I love to read magazines, all kinds, fashion, business, travel, cheesy:-) and I tear out articles of interest, words I like, cartoons, ideas, you name it, I tear it. I must admit it piles up faster than I can file but that's due to 9/11...huh?

You see I used to be able to carry scissors on the planes when I traveled and so the tear sheets were all neatly cut up and ready for filing when I got home, get the picture now? I digress. Then I file them in all kinds of categories from trips I want to take, clothes I want to buy, ideas for my speeches, I have a file for everything. Now you're thinking, what does this have to do with work life balance? This is just one of my many methods for relaxing. I guess the real question is, what are yours?

One Woman Stimulus Plan

I saw a sign in a shop today that read "Shop...Save Jobs". Being the July 4th birthday All American patriot that I am, I broke my recessionary rule and succumbed to some retail therapy. I gave in to the old adage, "I shop, therefore I am". But then...I said to myself, " shouldn't be doing this" and isn't it amazing how we can rationalize anything? So where is the lesson here, I guess I'm still trying to figure that out and in the meantime, it's buy, buy, baby!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't ever compromise yourself. You're all you've got...Janis Joplin