Sunday, May 29, 2011

OMG Zappos

OMG Zappos, an inside look into their creative office space

Inside Zappos Office Las Vegas

Just your typical office decor:-)

Finished up my 1st Annual Sexy Savvy Superwomen do the Six S's in Vegas and well, what happens in Vegas...

Zappos Office Cubicle Las VegasExcept for the last day when we toured Zappos as is as in originally a shoe company (and yes, I helped catapult them to fame and fortune, lol) Don't know what it is, what rock are you living under? From a million dollar biz to a billion dollar biz with a culture that everyone covets (yet not enough copy:-(, to Tony Hseih's, the CEO best seller, Delivering Happiness (quick, stop reading and go get the book) from Amazon, silly, as Amazon bought them. I had the pleasure of being Tony's opening act this past year and he is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know...and a darn nice guy as well.

Every aspect of the tour was jaw dropping, the cubicles decorated by all the employees make you think you are walking through Disneyland. The attitude is contagious, the place is buzzing with creativity. Everyone should visit this amazing company at least once, I can't stop talking about them in my speeches.

Holy Zappos, Batman!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


A new twist on Sight-sea'ing in Seattle

It was a grueling travel week from Chicago, to NY to Austin to Seattle to FL, whew! BUT...what a fun experience I had in Seattle on the Ride the Ducks tour. Now I am not a sightseer, kinda like to do my own thing (no surprise there) but when my client insisted I go with the group on this tour I was intrigued enough to say yes. So I boarded the bus and received my duck bill whistle and was informed by our Capt, Phlipt Dover:-) about what we were going to experience and experience it was. Our bus was going to drive through downtown Seattle and then drive INTO Lake Union for a water tour...wild, absolutely wild.

Anytime we passed a Starbucks (do you realize how many there are in the city that they were born in?) we had to yell Ooh Fah. The music blasted everything from Brick House (a personal favorite) to Joy to the World, to Stayin' Alive and the over zealous crowd singing Take Me Out to The Ball Game as we passed the Stadium. We were give giant bones and hatchet to sing Boom Chucka Lucka Lucka, in between Capt Dover made absurd yet funny jokes and commentary. Aside from my box lunch slip slidin' all over and the blanket I had wrapped around me due to the cold, it was an absolute blast. AND, I got to appreciate a city that I had never really experienced on that level before, yes, it's rainy, yes, there's lots of leftover hippies, yes, it's very "granola" but I got to see the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat, so see, I guess I really am a sightseer.