Monday, March 26, 2012

Walking the Red Carpet

Me and Curt Hahn
I met Curt Hahn 15 years ago when he was an attendee at one of my speeches. We clicked immediately and stayed in touch all these years, following each others' careers. When I had the opportunity to be an investor in his latest movie, Deadline, I jumped at the chance. Last week was the red carpet premiere here in Chicago. How cool to see my name in the credits on a big screen!
Deadline is based on the true incident of a young black man who was killed and the murder went uninvestigated for 19 years. It's a heart-wrenching story, beautifully told (watch the trailer below). It opens soon in theaters around the country - in Chicago on April 13th. So look for it, go see it and help promote it for my friend Curt.
moi, Curt, my Sam, Sandy, Rich, Sandy, Darryl
And what a great opportunity it was to take my entourage to the red carpet screening, with my fabulous soon-to-be-famous-international-author, 'my Sam', as I have affectionately dubbed her. She has been my incredible Director of Everything and we have worked and played together, laughed and cried, created and shared some special memories.