Friday, September 26, 2014

And it Begins All Over Again...

I took off the whole month of August for a writing sabbatical - to work on my website revamp (wait til you see it!), and my book (it's coming, really!). So for the entire month of August I didn't do any traveling or speaking (well, just once!) or coaching, and you know what? I missed it!
I got a lot done but I'm back at it now; speaking, coaching, my Vistage meetings, Speakers! So I hit the ground running in September, and October is even more jam-packed. And I'm excited. Happy to be back out in the world with all my peeps!
Check out my calendar - see if you can come to one of my presentations. How fun would that be?

Friday, September 19, 2014

I Love This Book!

Prosperity in the Age of Decline
How to Lead Your Business and Preserve WealthThrough the Coming Business Cycles
by Brian and Alan Beaulieu

In the spirit of full disclosure, Brian Beaulieu is my Vistage member and I adore him but...if I didn't love this book then I simply wouldn't review it!!!  But...I did love this book, not only for the  on-target economic trend forecasting (94.7 accuracy) but for the valuable insights that will help guide your investment strategies or at the very least, make you more knowledgeable about what lies ahead and how that will affect you in business and personally. Who wouldn't want to be armed with info that will help us make better-informed decisions, be proactive in that decision making, feel confident 
that we are on top of our competitive advantage, deal with the uncertainties that lie ahead and plan intelligently? And if you read between the lines, you'll know this is a great gift for your kids or anyone you know who will be facing the future even longer term.