Friday, October 31, 2008

Miami and me!

Broke my "retreat-ness" last night and succombed to my social side and went out with my friend Jeff, a former American Airlines pilot, now a semi retired actor/model. We drove along Collins Ave where all the Art Deco hotels are (I am crazy for Art Deco) then parked at Lincoln Road, the pedestrian area. It's filled with shops and outdoor eateries and tons of people and people watching. All the early Halloween revelers were out and most had their dogs in costume, I missed my Brat, my lovable li'l Llasa.

We stopped for drinks then walked into some art galleries. If you've never seen the colorful photography of Australian wunderkind, Peter Lik, do not hesitate to go to his website The magnificence of his use of colors took my breath away. Then we visited the sculptural talents of another great artist, whose name escapes me (does that make him an escape artist?) cheesy joke, sorry, couldn't resist:-) before we settled in for some great sushi at The World Resource Center( (strange name for a restaurant). Jeff is off to Italy to pick olives at his friends Villa, what fun and I am off to my last day on the beaches of Miami and one of my most rejuvenating weeks ever. In the course of reading yesterday's book, The Experience Economy I came up with a great idea for a monthly subscription series, stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Matter of Life and Breath

I'm exhaling! This glorious week of relaxing and rejuvenating is so good for the soul and I am committed to doing this every year. Just another day at the beach. Read another great book, "Discover Your Destiny" by Robin Sharma. Yes, I tend to read self help and business books, don't we all go through various phases of our lives when you can tell where we are by the books and magazines that we read? I can always tell how much I like a a book by the amount of highlighting that I do and this one was almost all yellow:-)

Part of my enjoyment of this book was the affirmation of my own set of beliefs and also some magnificent new quotes that I had not heard before. I am a sucker for quotes which is why I published my own book of them this year called Mikki Mouth, Quotations I've Said and Some I Wish I Did Say. I have always loved, collected and used quotes, they've been part of my DNA. I also love metaphors and one in particular resonated with me. "When a jug of water falls to the floor and cracks, what was hidden within begins to pour out. When life sends you one of its curves, remember that it has come to help crack you open so that all the love, power and potential that had been slumbering within you can be poured into the world outside you." Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exhaling in Miami

Since I posted the French Riviera blog I thought it would kick off regular blogging...obviously it didn't, until now...I am on a "it's all about me" week in Miami. Time alone with me to eat organic, work out daily, lounge in the sun (I know, I know), read books, ponder the universe and just exhale. I have been traveling so much, giving speeches almost daily that I needed a break just for me. The kind of break without shopping (and temptation is rampant, there's as much bling here as there is in Vegas), no going out to dinner or socializing (well maybe once...or twice) and just plain ol' vegetate. I've got my routine down pat (what does "down pat" mean anyway?)

Get up without an alarm or scheduled time, that is usually 7ish, breakfast, walk along the beach, work out, emails, beach, read, walk to Whole Foods to get dinner, relax, more emails, some paperwork, TV, sleep...pure heaven:-) Just finished reading "Epilogue" a memoir by Anne Roiphe but will save the details for my monthly ezine. Brought five books with me for the five days, so it's a reading marathon and one of my favorite of all activities. Stay tuned:-)